Our King
Ausome Romanov the Red is a very handsome RED CLASSIC TABBY Siberian. He is beautiful, happy and full of energy. He loves his fellow cats and is as sweet as you could possibly imagine.. He comes from the Ausome Siberian Cattery located in Tampa Florida. He is TICA registered and quite enthusiastic about his role of playing Romeo to his Juliette's. 
Our Queen
From Skyfire Cattery - Skyfire Gabby or as we call her "Abigail" is a stunning BLACK TORTIE with WHITE. She is an amazing cat with a soulful look that can't help but make you smile. She is a TICA registered Siberian.
Our Princesses 
Kaylee is a gorgeous BLACK SILVER MACKEREL TABBY with WHITE and comes from Mile High Siberians in Denver, Colorado and is a TICA registered Siberian. 
Our Princesses
Not yet a Queen but if her personality says anything about it she will be Queen of Queens. Sophie is fearless, full of energy. She absolutely loves getting into trouble but because she is so sweet and loving she gets away with it every time! She is a TICA registered beautiful RED SILVER CLASSIC TABBY Siberian and also comes to us from Skyfire Cattery. 
The Matriarch 
Sabrina hails from the Two Comrades Cattery and was our introduction to this magnificent breed. She is playful and loves to cuddle up to you between her busy schedule of napping. She has been with us for over 13 years and has been the primary inspiration to share this wonderful breed with others. Sabrina is a purebred Siberian but is  not part of our breeding program.